Marketing Your Business

The most effective marketing campaigns fully embody your product, customer service, brand, and the ideals of your company. Discovering a well-rounded marketing campaign for your business takes planning, creativity and proper execution. Through this article you will learn a collective knowledge of what you should do to be successful at marketing your business. Please keep in mind that not everyone has the same business and some of you may not even be looking to market a business but rather market yourself.

We’ll give you just the highlights of what to get done or even as a refresher if you’ve done this before. This list will most likely differ for every business and person and not every point is good for every business. We intentionally left out print marketing because here at Invenst we pride ourselves on looking forward and most people can see that there is a gradual shift away from print marketing and a stronger presence of internet marketing. At any rate, use your best judgement when reading through articles like these.

Types of entities that can benefit from this:

Physically-Located Business

Internet-Based Business or SAAS

Person working towards branding them self

Marketing Steps:

  1. Identify a target audience
  2. Build your brand
  3. Define your USP (Unique Selling Point) or UVP (Unique Value Proposition)
  4. Create an objective
  5. Research your market
  6. Define specific outcomes
  7. Build a strategy

Marketing Ideas:

Build quality business relationships

Attend/Host Local Meetups

Create quality Content

Build a Mobile-Friendly Website

Optimize SEO

Create videos

Be active on forums, beginning with Reddit

Recycle content into different mediums

Host an Online Contest or Raffle

Email Marketing

Free and Paid Social Media Advertising

Be laser-focused on what interests the consumer has as well what their needs are

Lastly, allow yourself to be inspired by others

Marketing Tips:

Create buzz around your product. Make sure that people hear about you.

Monitor the industry. Too often, companies fail because they don’t keep their finger on the pulse of their industry.

Be personable and have personality – this is what sets people apart. A great example of this would be this Speakeasy-styled website