How To Protect Your Business From Costly Technology Mistakes

In today’s fast-moving digital world, having a solid technology plan is more important than ever. If you don’t, you could miss out on advances in tech as well as waste your resources. But you need the right plan and the right tools. Here are ways you can protect your business from costly technology mistakes:

Watch IT Repairs

Whether you have PCs, Macs, or a little of both, your computers will eventually need repairs. You can choose to take care of repairs in-house, or you can choose to send business computers out to repair stores. The optimal choice and the least costly option will depend, of course, on the repairs required. Is it a problem your IT department can handle quickly? Then it would be cheaper to have it repaired in-house. But is this a problem that would cost your IT department too much time and resources to take care of? Then it might be worth it to send to a repair shop. Keep in mind, most repair shops will charge around $70 for a diagnostic, and more money will be required for extensive repairs beyond that. Calculate the approximate cost of repairs in-house compared to a repair shop, taking into account the amount of time it will take away from more urgent IT duties.

Get a Security Plan

Security is of the utmost importance. If you don’t have a solid infrastructure in place, you could

be revealing your private banking information, product info, or customer data to hackers. They have so many ways to steal your data today that you can never be careful. At a minimum, set up a secure firewall, network monitoring, and alert system to prevent and detect threats.

Invest in Automation

When you do something more than once in your business, it should be automated. This reduces the time necessary to complete everyday tasks. If you aren’t leveraging automation, you are leaving money on the table. This is true, particularly with your marketing. If you have email sequences, sales funnels, or advertising running, you can schedule these items in advance instead of overpaying someone who is paid on a salary or hourly basis.

Avoid Contracts

IT has a variety of managed service providers out there. However, this does not mean that you need to sign a contract for every new service under the sun. You can often get bulk rates if paid in advance. Other times, it is possible to do a monthly service that you can cancel at any time. Sometimes contracts are beneficial but do your research before jumping into a new commitment.

Modern business demands a lot more from companies with regards to technology than it ever did before. Instead of hoping these issues will go away, you need to act on solid plans to reduce your technology mistakes and ensure that you can dominate your industry with better costs, better efficiency, and better security. So don’t hesitate, implement the advice above today and protect your profits now and into the future.


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