File Organization & Naming Conventions

File organization is not everyone’s forte. In fact, it’s not in everyone’s nature to be organized. Most computers that I come across have a disarray of files, folders and intermixed personal files that hinder productivity in a number of ways.

Why do I need to invest time in organizing my company files?

Building a solid system that your team can easily access promotes efficiency and productivity. Any time an employee asks for a file that you know is in a folder somewhere, you’re missing that opportunity to facilitate that employee’s workflow. Here’s an example: You have a designer and a developer that work for you in a remote environment. The designer places his files on your server in a folder called “Design” and the developer is given access to this folder as well. Anytime the developer needs a design, rather than asking the designer for it, he can simply access the Design folder and check for it himself.

What does file organization look like for my company?

Everyone’s company is different but at the heart of it are the same basic folder structures give or take a couple departments. We’ve taken the liberty of investigating the wide spectrum of folder structures that exist on the web and bringing you a consolidated “best of” view at what we felt is most important, regardless of your industry.

You can access those folders here: Folder Structure – Template – Invenst Labs

File Naming Conventions

The next best type of organization for your company is file naming, nomenclature or conventions. There’s no right way to do this and it’s best to take some time to analyze what’s important about your company and narrow down naming conventions from there.

Anyway, we’ve provided our personal file naming conventions for you to use, FOR FREE. Because that’s how we do.

Here’s a link to download them:

File Naming Conventions

Have a Suggestion?

We love hearing from our fans! If you have a suggestion on how your company organizes their files and folders, give us a shout in the comments below!

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