Welcome to the Invenst Forum Community – Beta!

This Invenst Forum Community site was started as a means of helping people to succeed in their endeavors. We are slowly building a brand solely based on providing a service to people with ideas that may not have the money or the resources to turn them into anything viable. Our purpose is to provide a community of individuals that are generous with their advice and further along the progress of your venture.

Here at Invenst.Team, we are interested in seeing what types of ideas you all come up with and how we can help guide you in the right direction. For those of you who are a little further along, maybe already incorporated, or even profiting, we extend to you our knowledge of business and marketing.

Why would we do this? Our mission is to not only provide you with a free service but to have you coming out of the other end feeling like you weren’t taken advantage of. There’s too many companies nowadays that “bank” on your lack of knowledge. They offer solutions for you to succeed but you have to dish out the cash first. We know firsthand how hard it is starting a company and that’s why we’ve created this one. We want to offer you FREE help, no strings attached.

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