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    Kyle M
    Kyle M


    Looking for advise on how to paraphrase the hero section of my website. Looking to make an update to the landing page.

    A friend and I launched an online marketplace allowing car enthusiasts to buy and sell used aftermarket wheels. WheelPrice benefits its users with the following features:

    – PayPal integrated cart checkout system that backs their purchase
    – A growing community of car enthusiasts to help give advice on selecting the right wheel
    – Large selection of wheels with an organized search

    Can you please help me out with the verbiage?


    Join hundreds of reputable vendors and individuals worldwide in an automotive enthusiast-centric marketplace.

    Buy & Sell

    Complete your transaction digitally in under 30 seconds utilizing a secure platform; no need to worry about handling cash deals again.


    Effortlessly search thousands of wheels and filter by manufacturer, bolt pattern, diameter, and more.

    Joshua Aguirre
    Joshua Aguirre

    Hi Kyle! Thanks for your question. We’d be happy to assist.

    First off, great idea! I know there is a huge need for this type of site and I’m glad to see you jumping at the opportunity to build a platform for it. In a professional consultation, we would start you off with an Articulated Plan to help define your mission, vision and milestones for the company. This document can be found on our Free Resources page under the “Other Templates” section for future reference.

    Now while our ideas may be competing with your underlying values for the business, here’s what we’d recommend based on what knowledge we do have:


    Join hundreds of reputable individuals and vendors in an enthusiast-centric worldwide marketplace.

    We love this sentence but just tweaked the order a little because we think you should appeal to the individual before the vendor. We believe that more individuals will attract more vendors.


    Whether you’re Buying or Selling, Complete your transaction in 30 seconds or less using our secure platform; your safety is our goal.

    We recommend defining what you mean by “secure platform” and place more importance on the ease-of-use if possible. For example, I’m a new user that doesn’t want to risk the dangers of a Craigslist sale so I’m using your platform. How does your current text appeal to my needs?


    Seamlessly Search thousands of wheels. Filter by manufacturer, bolt patter, diameter and much more!

    We don’t believe Seamless is a good category title here. “Community | Marketplace |
    Ease-of-Use” tells a more complete picture of what you’re offering in our opinion.

    We hope this what somewhat helpful to you! Please let us know if you’d like any further assistance. Cheers!

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