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All free templates contain highlighted portions that you can change to your company or name and the second party’s name (if applicable).

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Non-Disclosure Agreement – Also known as a NDA, this contract serves as a means of keeping things confidential between two parties.

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Freelancer Agreement – A simple contract that defines services paid for by a freelancer for a client.

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Intellectual Property Agreement – Also known as an IP Agreement, this contract serves as a method to protect one’s rights on products they create and/or products that are created for them.

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General Partnership Agreement – This contract will be a starting point for developing a co-founder or partnership relationship with someone for your company/startup. It outlines capital, interest on capital, shares, accounts/income, profits and losses, banking, books/accounting, management, disputes, as well as confidentiality and more. This should be a precursor agreement to an Operating Agreement or Bylaws (for a charity).

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Joint Venture Agreement – This is similar to the General Partnership agreement but a little less specific and should be completed prior to the General Partnership Agreement if used at all.

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Certificate of Employment – Used by some freelancers, this contract serves as a way to prove to future employers that you worked with a specific company.

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Investment Contract – Used by a startup and their corresponding investor to outline how much the investor will contribute, what it will be used for and how much control the investor will have.

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Please note: These contracts are not drafted by a lawyer and may not be legally binding. Please use and change at your own risk. We are not lawyers and do not provide legal advice.

Great places to find cofounders:


AngelList (

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Articulated Plan – This document helps to define the direction of the company or organization. Without properly articulating what you want out of your business, how will your employees know what you’re looking for? Includes an example from our own business.

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