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Tips for Improving Employee Productivity

As a small business owner, you need to build a team that will support your vision for success. This is why it’s so ineffective to hire employees who don’t do the work. So many companies deal with such an unfortunate reality and the success within is stalled as a result. In order to improve employee… Read more »

Startup Money 101: How to Get a Business Loan the First Time Around

If you’re like most new businesses, you’re going to require borrowed funds for initial startup money, product development, and more. Understandably, you want to get approved for a new business loan quickly and with minimal hassle. Unfortunately, some people walk down many paths before finally getting approved for a business loan. This can waste time… Read more »

How to Build a Business from Scratch

How to Build a Business

Learning how to build a business can be overwhelming and daunting when you think about it but in reality, it’s a lot more streamlined and simple than one might think. In this article, we will cover two different versions appealing to two different sets of personalities: Those who want the fastest results – and –… Read more »

File Organization & Naming Conventions

File Organization

File organization is not everyone’s forte. In fact, it’s not in everyone’s nature to be organized. Most computers that I come across have a disarray of files, folders and intermixed personal files that hinder productivity in a number of ways. Why do I need to invest time in organizing my company files? Building a solid… Read more »