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Free Productivity Hacks & Management Course


A lot of people write about productivity, time-management or financial freedom but they always seem to under-deliver. They are usually too broad, have weak content or simply don’t resonate with their readers’ needs. Whether you’re a stay-at-home parent with a ton of responsibilities or a quickly-developing entrepreneur, people are always saying that there’s not enough time… Read more »

File Organization & Naming Conventions

File Organization

File organization is not everyone’s forte. In fact, it’s not in everyone’s nature to be organized. Most computers that I come across have a disarray of files, folders and intermixed personal files that hinder productivity in a number of ways. Why do I need to invest time in organizing my company files? Building a solid… Read more »

Welcome to the Invenst Forum Community – Beta!


This Invenst Forum Community site was started as a means of helping people to succeed in their endeavors. We are slowly building a brand solely based on providing a service to people with ideas that may not have the money or the resources to turn them into anything viable. Our purpose is to provide a community… Read more »