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A lot of people would agree that every business needs a business plan. But what most people don’t know and few would agree on is that you need to write a business plan before you start working on your business. The truth is, you need to know if your business is viable. That’s what the Lean Model Canvas is good for. The purpose of the Business Plan is to outline the game plan for your business and it should be aligned to the needs of a VC or Investor.

Parts of Your Business Plan (Recommended Order)

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Company Description
  3. Projecting Market Share
  4. Product/Service
  5. Pricing
  6. Market Analysis
  7. Strategy & Implementation
  8. Marketing Plan
  9. Organization & Management Team
  10. Financial Plan & Projections

Download A Free Business Plan Template

Inc. already wrote a great article on some of the best free BP templates but we wanted to narrow down the options and pick our favorites:

  1. Score’s Template for Startups – a great start because of the level of detail it has. We recommend using this template as your “library” of items to choose from and then choose “features” from others that apply to your business.
  2. LawDepot’s Business Plan Generator – Now this one is particularly great because you can have a general list of what’s going to go into the plan and start filling this out. It will generate a document for you when you’re done and that be your first building block.
  3. Bplans’ Sample Business Plans – One of our favorites and not listed on the previous article is this site ordered by category and there’s no download links so you can browse quickly at the features you need in your business plan.

Helpful Tip(s)

You can always try searching for “Category Business Plan” where ‘Category’ is the area of market that your company falls under. You may get lucky and someone has already built a template for it.

As always, this is a community of constant growth. If you have any recommendations, questions or helpful tips for this page, please leave a comment below.


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